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Risk Assessment Overview

Your information:

Your name:

Your e-mail:

Company/Organization name:


Other sector:

Business partner volume:

Does your company/organization:

1. Screen customers, suppliers, contractors and other business partners against the denied & restricted party lists?:

- What type of entities/persons are screened?:

- Who is screened? (select all that apply):

- Period of regular screening:

2. Provide in-person or online services or consulting?:

3. Act as a contractor or subcontractor to provide products or services to federal or state government agencies directly or indirectly?:

4. Operate in healthcare and/or pharmaceutical sector?:

5. Involve with the defense or aerospace business, manufactures items or software, or provide services for military or aerospace applications?:

6. Send or export products, parts, materials, software or technology to foreign countries?:

7. Develop or manufacture products, parts, materials, software or technology with foreign entities/persons?:

8. Have the knowledge that your products, software or services will be transferred abroad by your customers or partners?:

9. Have a written and implemented Export Compliance Program?:

10. (U.S. based organizations only): Have or plan to have employees, visitors or contractors who are not U.S. persons? (i.e., not U.S. citizen, not U.S. permanent resident and not U.S. protected individual, typically those with a temporary U.S. visa or in illegal status are foreign persons)?:

Disclaimer: Linqs and its affiliates do not have the specifics of your business operations and this quick assessment may only address the potential compliance issues based upon your responses to a very small set of questions. A full in-depth trade compliance assessment can only be completed with a thorough review of your business operations in-person by one of our compliance experts. The assessment overview and suggestions provided herein should not be construed as a legal advice in any way, shape, or form.
If you requested an in-depth assessment of your operations, one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly. Please ensure to check our product and service offerings. For our privacy policy, visit

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